ingenjörsjobb norge lön word 2007 kommentar einfügen tastenkombination

innehåller översätt till engelska från svenska Today I had the pleasure of providing IT support for my father,

spola öronen apoteket Well, let me describe the process to you.

matte samband övningar Click login.

carola häggkvist himlen i min famn text Click BankID.

Authentication failure, please download BankID.  

audi a3 begagnad göteborg Download BankID.

äpplen i ugn sirap Click login.

Authentication failure, please download BankID.  

designbüro konstantin grcic industrial design realisation that they're talking about their BankID certificate

flygande jakob kycklingfilé creme fraiche Click fetch BankID.

Please input your SS no and the 4 digit pincode.  

offentlig försvarare lag ...What pincode?

rättarevägen 52 lerberget Click no pincode.

A letter with a pin will be mailed to you in 6-8 weeks.

6-8 weeks later (today).

platsen för göteborg enligt gustav ii adolf Click fetch BankID.

bingolotto uppesittarkväll 2015 tid Input SS and pincode.

Please select method of delivery for one-off authentication code, 
SMS (instant) or 
Post (another 6-8 weeks)

blocket bostad skåne eslöv Select SMS.

Authentication failure:
You have no cellphone registred with us, 
call support at -phonenumber-.

hoppetgruppen ab norrtälje Call support.

snabbtåg stockholm köpenhamn To authenticate your number, please change your pin.

salt lake city väder Change pin, fail, repeat, fail, repeat, fail, call support again, talk to human, bicker for half an hour, change pin, hangup.

andra världskriget i färg download Back to website.

koppla ihop ipad med tv trådlöst Click fetch BankID.

öppet hus plusgymnasiet kalmar Input SS and new pin.

skildring på engelska Select SMS

jag förutsätter på engelska After a few failed attempts and one lunch, get authentication code, approve terms of service and download certificate.

varvtalsreglering av fläktmotor BankID program pops up and asks to provide PIN for certificate.
Try a number of variations.

Failure ref 10025.

hur många ord består svenska språket av Google ref 10025, find polisen alingsås lediga jobb about BankID and ref 10025, find specification for pin in comment to post (12-30 characters, at least 4 letters, at least one number).

yr väder jokkmokk Go through the fetching process again because the old one timed out by the time you found out how to do it.

vilket öl till sushi Certificate downloaded, stored and password protected, ready to go.

grå blå väggfärg Click login.

varma vinterkängor dam Enter the complex PIN for the certificate.

grisslehamn åland tid Select letter or SMS for one more authentication code.

lediga jobb inom vården helsingborg Get code via SMS, click login.

lagfart fastighet företag Easy.

svälta räv spelregler brädspel har träffat på spanska ...I need a drink.

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rånarluva till bebis fröken ur beställa väckning

utpressad på pengar If you would've told me ten years ago that I'd be advocating the use of JavaScript for anything other than the teeny tiniest bit of flair, chances are I would've punched you right in the muzzle.

kända svenska regissörer Then again, ten years ago, JavaScript was a Terrible language, absolutely terrible. The current generation of JavaScript in use today is ECMAScript 5.1, which was released in 2011 (Internet Exploder excluded of course, they're still using ECMAScript 3).

tjänstledighet kommunal anställning While it's true that, in the beginning when JavaScript was first invented, it was designed as a shitty little scripting language (by the name of LiveScript) used to augment browser behaviour for Netscape users. JavaScript started out being an interpreted scripting language, with slow and inefficient interpreters. Today however, this is no longer the case, things have changed.

kina förorenad luft The JavaScript engine in chili möbler soffa, the pasta carbonara med bacon och grädde, is not an interpreter. framgångspodden avsnitt 154 V8 is a JavaScript compiler (actually a set of compilers, but that's not important right now).

öppettider norra promenaden ystad Google's strategy for speeding up JavaScript was to compile it down to native machine code. And for JavaScript that has been optimized for use with V8, execution is almost as fast as code written in a "real" language such as C. So I'd call V8 a huge success, and it's still getting better. So the excuse of avoiding JavaScript and client side scripting because it's terribly slow and inefficient, is pretty much null and void at this point, it's a moot argument.

kaffetår påtår tretår What about JavaScript as a language? Is it still a terrible experience to code in it?

lär dig virka steg för steg Well, yes and no. It has it's fair share of quirks, still, but it has evolved a lot since the '90s. Short answer is, it's gotten better. And it's still getting better. I'm told that nyfödd fostervatten i lungorna is going to further improve the language's syntax, and add some features that are sought after. One can only hope that the adoption of ECMAScript 6 will be sufficiently fast.

danske bank bolån facket Then there's the whole JavaScript eco-system that has evolved in the past few years. It's downright amazing how far it's gotten in a few short years. We have front-end scaffolding utilities such as färsk pasta med, task runners such as lönesamtal förskollärare 2015, and package managers such as fest aktivitet for børn esbjerg. It's gotten to the point where the front-end tooling is matching that of any other area of development.

askania aplerbeck öffnungszeiten We've had an increase in speed by several orders of magnitude (not even accounting for Mores law). We have a good set of tools, with more and better tools on the way. we have some amazing looking modern frameworks, such as nancy samuelsson västerås. we have arbetsgivarens skyldigheter lön, we have virtually anything you can think of that you'd need to start developing a rich client side application today.

ändra datornamn imac So go download joan baez göteborgs konserthus 10 mars (requires kanal d tv canlı izle kesintisiz hd) and start building your client side application today. It comes bundled with stumpan på engelska and illamående aptitlöshet trötthet, so you can take a good look at the multitude of packages already available to you with % bower search.

flyttstäd stockholm omdöme Don't worry about whether or not JavaScript is fast enough, it is, and will only get faster. Or that it's a language reserved for rank amateurs, it's not, take a look at lätta cellförändringar och hpv.

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smärtlindring vid tandvärk medicin hund staket stängsel

istället för ströbröd A few weeks ago I started coding on a project for a client. While it is true that I've been doing web development off and on for the past ten or so years, there's one thing I've actively avoided; Javascript.

knäckta revben i ugn To tell you the truth, most of my work has been backend code. I've more or less ignored the entire frontend side of programming, regardless of environment. The user interface has always been secondary to me. That changed a few years ago, when I was reading about UI first software development.

hållbara framtida transporter In particular it was these words:

brf ringen södermalm "When writing end-user software, UI design should really come first.
To the end user, the UI stadium mössor herr is the application."

sträckning baksida lår knäveck This of course, made a whole lot of sense. The user doesn't give half a rats arse how pristine the backend is, or how flexible and modular the code is. If your UI is slow and ugly, your whole program is slow and ugly.

förbjuda rökning på allmän plats 2016 So what do you do when you need to make a snappy feeling web based application? Javascript. As a long time defender of the plain HTML, suddenly realising the need for Javascript is uncomfortable to say the least.

tecken på graviditet tidigt In Javascript's defence though, Javascript has come a long way in ten years. Javascript processing in browsers has increased by orders of magnitude. And with shiny frameworks such as krossat bovete till fåglar, it's almost easy to use (if you don't need to do something advanced).

jérôme jarre love The project I'm currently working on however, required more than just standard JQuery. It called for a SPAskälleryd västra harg, which unfortunately means that it have to be built almost entirely with client side code, i.e. Javascript and CSS. Fortunate for me there are a lot of good frameworks on the market for client side development. So far I've gone for following:

lönestatistik olika jobb Truth be told I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed. While I've used Bootstrap and JQuery in the past, this is really the first proper client side project I've worked on. It's a learning experience, to say the least. Learning to handle a half dozen new libraries at once is a bit of a mess, but the documentation is good. It's just a bit annoying having to spend ten times as much time reading documentation as I do actual programming.

vad heter avfärda på engelska In the end I've gotten most of things to work, next up on the todo list is to integrate Mustache and Knockout. Hopefully this will make it possible for me to split my HTML out in multiple template files. As it is, everything is in a giant file, because I can't figure out how to make Knockout load external template files...

det naturliga urvalet jan fridegård Getting all of this to play together is a bit of a challenge, but who doesn't enjoy a good challenge?

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stavar längdskidor barn brände im alte rom duden

färger personlighet bok I figured it was time for me to get with the times and start one of them blog things that is so popular among the kids these days. And what better way to start a blog, than to write yet another blog engine?

löderups strandbad karta I present to you, the worlds first blog powered by Augustus, a static page generator (that totally isn't a rip-off of vad röstar kungen på) written in php 5.4.

gängtapp 2 tum So far it doesn't do much, and some features are somewhat broken. The few things that are done however are:

  • parkering innerstaden linköping The testing server accessible via gusto run, courtesy of php 5.4.

  • tjocka revbensspjäll koka ugn The creation of new posts and pages.

  • ford focus kombi 2006 länge Automatic indexing of tags and categories.

vridbart väggfäste tv 40 Some of the things that will be working, when I get some more time to work on the engine are:

  • lära känna varandra franska Archive indexing.

  • dvärgvädur till salu örebro Improved post management.

Regarding the name

cirkelträning kondition övningar I am a huge fan of animation. And Augustus, or Gusto, is the name of the character played by Rob Paulsen in Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears. Augustus "Gusto" Gummi. And that is a character that I still to this day think is a badass.

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